About Us

We are Maker Cosplay consisting of the maker couple Chris and Meph. We are a cosplay couple from the Edmonton, Alberta area. We have many interests within making that cover just some of the following:

  • Sewing
  • Prop Making
  • Wig Styling
  • Resin Crafting
  • Kigurumi Mask Making
  • 3d Printing
  • Woodworking

Here we share our passion of making and cosplay. You can find links to our social media, and more!

Why Kigurumi?

You may have noticed the anime mask in our portfolio. Kigurumi is many different things to many people. Chris met Meph while he was kigging at a local event. For Chris, kigurumi is an aesthetic that opens up possibilities in cosplay. For both of us, we are social cosplayers and are at home talking and chilling with friends on the con floor, as such we do talk and show our faces, and love to talk shop about our masks and cosplays we’ve worked on. Just remember that most kigurumi cosplayers choose to not do this, so please if you do see a kigurumi cosplayer at your local event, respect if they do not talk or show their face.

Beyond that, we have started making our own masks, and the excitement of bringing together multiple making and cosplay disciplines is what makes kigurumi exciting for us!

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