Cosplay and Kigurumi – Importance of Play

Too often, Meph and I are at events and we hear other people say “I think this will be the last con I attend. I feel I’m getting too old to keep doing this”. This absolutely shatters me when I hear this. For me, setting aside a couple weekends of the year to go out and not take myself so serious, is very serious business.

I see so many successful people in life, and the one common thread I see through all of them, is the pure passion they have for what they are doing. Let’s think about this, it is not different in cosplay. It is amazing to see cosplayers and  kigs, absolutely in love with their hobby. My favorite part about attending events; seeing real authentic smiles on the faces of people having a good time and enjoying themselves. The weirdest part of a con weekend, is the week after where seeing people dressed in “normal” clothes everywhere seems everything but normal.

It is amazing how once we stop taking ourselves so seriously, that things get super serious. It is at this point that we seriously consider that wild project, with the intricate details, whether it’s a kig mask, cosplay, or that armour cosplay we’ve always been dying to do. It only seems to happen when we take ourselves so seriously that we stop taking our selves so serious, and step back and let that excited inner child come out and just throw ourselves into that project with pure passion and gusto.

So my answer to anyone who has stumbled upon this article, who is considering moving on to other things because “they’re too old”, I would really implore you to stop doubting yourself, and to only stop attending at the point at which it isn’t enjoyable anymore, and even then, consider the other angles available for “attending a con”. What I’ve found over the years, that yes, things can feel stale from time to time. It was at these moments I pivoted and approached these events differently.

We get a chance to be around other people who are into the same things that we are into, and there is more to do than just the cosplay. One of my favourite things is doing cosplay photography and sharing these pictures with my friends and seeing them sharing these pictures on their own social media channels. Or there is opportunity to push your skills further by joining the event as a volunteer and apply to a job position that can challenge your skills and make the event we all love happen for others.

There is just so much opportunity in these events, that it is mind blowing all the options available just by setting aside a couple weekends out of the year to let out that inner child, and play.

If you have a story about having an “a-ha!” moment with their event life, I would love to hear your story in the comments or send me an email at

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