Cosplay and Kigurumi – Importance of Play

Too often, Meph and I are at events and we hear other people say “I think this will be the last con I attend. I feel I’m getting too old to keep doing this”. This absolutely shatters me when I hear this. For me, setting aside a couple weekends of the year to go outContinue reading “Cosplay and Kigurumi – Importance of Play”

Not as Amazing as You Might Think – My Start in This Whole Thing

I’ve been a cosplayer for about 12 years and my backstory isn’t some fantastical magic moment or epiphany that this is what I wanted get into. It was more a simple thing; being a creator and having nerdy friends. Back in junior high, and being in band class for 3 years, my band teacher taughtContinue reading “Not as Amazing as You Might Think – My Start in This Whole Thing”

Why Kigurumi – Why that scary anime mascot thing?

Every event there is always at least one person who will say loud enough so that I can and everyone else can hear “That’s so creepy!”. For events where elaborate outfits are the norm, I really have a hard time wrapping my head around this one. In this day and age where events are aggressivelyContinue reading “Why Kigurumi – Why that scary anime mascot thing?”