Work with Us!

Want to work with us? We’d love to hear from you! We’re looking to work with people who have interesting and creative projects! Masks Approximate Cost (Note: Introductory Pricing Complete – Thank you to our first commission customers!):Base mask cost is $900 USD + Wig Length Cost + ShippingShort Wig ($150 USD)Long Wig ($200 USD)ExtensiveContinue reading “Work with Us!”

Let’s Kick this Old-School with Trouble

There was a time before Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, even Mixi, when new photo sets were shared via kigurumi blog sites. We’re going to make more efforts to share photos from our sets here, just like in the “good ol’ days”. It’s also a good opportunity to post all the pictures that would normally get edited,Continue reading “Let’s Kick this Old-School with Trouble”

Here comes Trouble

After a long winter, the making season begins here in Alberta. Today we debut our newest project: Trouble the cat girl. This is our first all 3d-print project. After spending time this past winter to focus on transitioning from traditional cast-and-mold process to “all digital” we are pretty happy with the results, and the possibilitiesContinue reading “Here comes Trouble”

Cosplay and Kigurumi – Importance of Play

Too often, Meph and I are at events and we hear other people say “I think this will be the last con I attend. I feel I’m getting too old to keep doing this”. This absolutely shatters me when I hear this. For me, setting aside a couple weekends of the year to go outContinue reading “Cosplay and Kigurumi – Importance of Play”

Why Kigurumi – Why that scary anime mascot thing?

Every event there is always at least one person who will say loud enough so that I can and everyone else can hear “That’s so creepy!”. For events where elaborate outfits are the norm, I really have a hard time wrapping my head around this one. In this day and age where events are aggressivelyContinue reading “Why Kigurumi – Why that scary anime mascot thing?”

Learning to be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

This past year I finally got over all my worries and started making kigurumi masks. Despite all my anxieties and worries about the masks not turning out, not knowing what I’m doing, working with materials that I have to take extra precautions when working with, I got over myself. Early in the spring I committedContinue reading “Learning to be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable”

Attending Conventions – Do I have to Cosplay?

Header of our con fam at Otafest 2016. These people are the best! Too often when talking to people at work or when I was in school I would often hear “I would love to attend an anime convention, but I have no cosplay!”. To be honest for a long period between 2009 and 2017Continue reading “Attending Conventions – Do I have to Cosplay?”

Making Friends in Cosplay – How I Met Your Mother

Thanks Sofera for an awesome header photo! I remember attending my first Bellerose Convention (one of the local high school’s anime events) for the first time in my original Nozomi kigurumi cosplay. I didn’t know anyone and was fairly new to the community in general. This was the event that Meph and I first “met” eachContinue reading “Making Friends in Cosplay – How I Met Your Mother”